Construction is a messy business, and so is construction clean-up. It calls for special cleaning tools, a knowledge of how to deal with special hazards, and the ability to efficiently dispose of construction debris.
Lewis & Taylor has been a vital part of San Francisco’s growth for over 60 years, and in that time, we’ve developed broad experience in all aspects of construction clean-up.
Our programs are flexible. We can provide ongoing cleaning during your construction, or just a final clean-up at the end of project. Our union personnel are specially trained and certified to work on construction sites. We also supply all cleaning equipment, materials, and lifts if necessary.
We can work within a tight budget. And we’re adept at getting your space livable in record time.
If you’re undergoing remodeling, upgrades, or new additions, we can coordinate with you and your general contractor while making sure your tenants and visitors are never inconvenienced. And we’re always willing to work around your schedule.