For clients who are interested in using cleaning products and methods which are good for the environment, Lewis & Taylor offer a variety of Green Cleaning services. Green cleaning allows you to provide a healthier work place. It will decrease indoor office pollutants and improve air quality for your employees and visitors.


Oftentimes companies sign up for our Green Clean program because they want to do something
good for their community and the environment at large. What they don’t expect is the additional benefits to them directly: a more comfortable work space, increases in productivity, decreases in illness and absenteeism, and overall cost savings.

Green Cleaning in Action

At Lewis & Taylor, we have a commitment to green clean and naturally implement the following U.S.Green Building Counsel (USGBC) recommendationsinto all of our janitorial services:

    • Utilizing cleaning processes which physically remove dirt — not just move it around.
    • Training for employees on how to use chemicals properly – maximize cleaning efforts while minimizing waste.
    • Educating our staff on Green Cleaning advancements.
    • Regular cleaning and maintenance checks for our equipment, so that they always work at peak capacity

Green Cleaning Services

For those interested in Green Cleaning, Lewis & Taylor have a custom solution to fit your company needs. Services include:

    • Using environmentally-friendly Green Seal certified cleaning products.
    • Using paper products produced with post-recycled materials.
    • Providing recycling program for everything from glass and cans, to paper, to printer and copy machine toner cartridges, to keeping old office machines, computers, monitors and cell phones out of landfills.
    • Cleaning your building’s HVAC system — a main source of spreading pollutants throughout an indoor office environment.
    • Exterior building maintenance.

Additionally, if you company is interested in participating in the USGBC’s LEED Certification Program, Lewis & Taylor can help you earn the points needed for certification. Just contact us and learn how.

Green Cleaning

Lewis & Taylor’s Award Winning Recycling Program

We are very proud of our recycling program — a three time winner of BOMA’s CORY Award. The program is flexible. You choose what type(s) of materials you want to recycle. We will tailor our program to fit your needs, and then train you and your staff on how to maintain it on a daily basis.